Dekadance Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Panthyon Rottweilers



With over 30 years combined years of involvement with dogs (confirmation and instructional training) we share our passion of all things dogs (and animals).

Although we still only considered ourselves new to the breeds compared to others, we are proud to say we have a clear definition on what "our" ideal breed standard is.  This has been through endless research; research into the standard, into lines, into parentage, genetics and endless hours off questions and advise from honest trusted long term breeders (in Australia and Overseas).

We have spent years focussing on the promotion of the breeds itself, and the assurance of HEALTHY (tested) animals, and really trying to understand what makes these breeds so great.



Our statement has ALWAYS been "Quality over Quantity" and we will continue to stand by that in the years to come.






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 Dekadance Staffords combining International Lines to produce PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONS since 1995



Panthyon Rottweillers - denoting great strength, agility and endurance, coupled with temperament to boot!


Updated 15/3/2023


Rachel Mara and Scott Gibson

Darwin NT

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